What is CameoPartyDesigns?

CameoPartyDesigns specializes in DIY Party Decorations for all occasions: parties, events, showers, weddings, businesses, schools, churches, daycares, sleepovers, etc.


CameoPartyDesigns on YouTube

As of December 2017:  Subscribe to our NEW! YouTube Channel, CameoPartyDesigns, for How to DIY Party Decoration Ideas.

CameoPartyDesigns on YouTube
CameoPartyDesigns on YouTube

CameoPartyDesigns on Etsy

Visit our Etsy shop, CameoPartyDesigns, for DIY Party Decorations & Kids Party Printables! Easily instant download, print, cut and assemble your decorations within moments! Quick and easy party decorations!

CameoPartyDesigns offers a full line of instant downloads, as well as custom & personalized party printables.

Instant Download & Custom Designs available in:  party packages, invitations, thank you cards, party banners, birthday banners, cupcake wrappers, cupcake toppers, folding favor tags, candy tags, candy bar wrappers, party circles, party signs, food tents, water bottle labels, two liter labels, straw flags. All party designs sold separately. Selected items are also available in the party packages.

5 star rating on Etsy    Read Our Reviews

CameoPartyDesigns Stats on Etsy: as of 1/5/2018

  • Opened September 2012
  • 3153 sales in over 40 countries
  • 5 star rating
  • 289 reviews
  • 475 admirers

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Connect with us!

About Me

Hi, y’all!  I am Claudia Roberts, the owner of CameoPartyDesigns.  I reside in Texas, am a work at home mom, wife, graphic designer, crafter, artist, and most recently… a youtuber!

Since the moment I could pick up a crayon, I have loved arts and crafts. Although, most of the art I did in high school and college was more hands on with pencils, paint, chalk, prismas, charcoals, etc…. I later gained a strong love of graphic design.

I started out designing logos, business cards, social media cover photos, profile images, social media pages, websites, etc… BUT THEN!!! I attending a birthday party with DIY party printables.  I was like, “Wait, Whaaaaaatttt???”…. and the love began for DIY Party Decorations.  It was the best of all worlds… I could combine the love of arts and crafts with graphic design.

I opened CameoPartyDesigns in September 2012 and it has been going strong ever since!


Why the name “Cameo” Party Designs?

In Loving Memory of

Cameron Mitchell Roberts

Born Unto Earth ~ Entered Into Heaven

November 1st, 2009

“Cameo”:  In 2009 we lost someone very very precious to us…  Our son, Cameron Mitchell Roberts.

Cameron was full term, and Halloween night, the weekend before they were going to induce labor, he became wrapped in his umbilical chord.  By the time that we made it to the hospital it was just too late.  Cameron was a very beautiful lil’ man and is in our hearts, thoughts and prayers always.  He is missed every moment of every day, with every breath we take.

My nickname for Cameron is “Cam”… which immediately made me think of a “Cameo”. Although the look and colors of our cameo logo have changed throughout the years, the scripted “C” on the cameo design has remained the same and will always stand for Cameron.

I feel Cam played his own version of a “cameo role” in our lives, here and gone so quickly.  I truly believe, Cameron is now our own personal shining star and lil’ angel watching over us.

…and the meaning doesn’t stop there

If you break down the letters of “CAMEO” you get the initials of all of my children’s names:

C: Cameron
A: Abigale
M: Madison
E: Elizabeth
O: Lots of Hugs (XOs) and of course kisses!

So you see, the name “Cameo” just had to be, on so many levels.  The name means so very much to me.  I am proud, and hope I make my children proud daily, that the job I do helps to bring smiles on the faces of children & others all over the world.  Getting to be a part of their special day, holiday or event, is very heart warming.  Even with the pain always in my heart, CameoPartyDesigns and the meaning behind it, makes me smile on a daily basis.

Thank you for reading,

Claudia Roberts

Owner / Designer / YouTuber

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