A Custom Party Design May Be Your Solution

Know What You Want, But Can’t Find It?

Cameo Party Designs understands that a quick and easy instant download, or a pre-designed personalized design, may not fit into your party needs.

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Have you gone off the wall with the wildest, craziest party idea ever?  Or, have you fallen in love with a collection of colors you just can’t find anywhere?  Or, maybe you have even fallen in love with a particular pattern or theme… and nope… still can’t find it.

This is one of those moments where it is so much easier to turn to someone who you can share your party ideas & vision with and they can create what is in your head… Yep, that is right!  Many of my customers tell me they can’t believe how I have managed to put into a design, exactly like what they had in their head.  I pride myself on “listening” to what it is you are wanting.  You are more than welcome to always attach photos to our conversation if it helps to convey the image you are trying to achieve.

Please, never hesitate to let me know how I can be of assistance.

Please visit my website for Custom Party Design pricing and details:

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